Mount Vernon, Washington

A message from the President of the Board of Directors

Dear Lincoln Members, Patrons and Friends,

Thank you for your patience with our hibernation this summer.  Many of you have told me how much you have missed our regular programs,  I am also missing them and miss seeing my friends and neighbors at the Lincoln every week. I also want to thank and acknowledge the devotion of staff and volunteers (in some cases this is one and the same person) that put on the Saturday night events in Pine Square. Although it has not been a easy year, everyone's support makes our efforts worthwhile.

During the summer, the Lincoln Board of Directors met to look at our current situation and to plan for the future. And yes, we do have a future! I think that it is going to look a little different from our past but we are still a community theatre and we still hold that our mission is to serve the community through film, live performance and education. 

What is differnt is that we understand that our financial crisis will not be solved through traditional non-profit fundraising and grant acquistion. Although our fund raising events are wonderful ways to raise extra money and celebrate our commitment to the arts in Skagit County, it is not enough to sustain the theatre. What we must do is fill the seats of the theatre. Patrons, members and the community must want to come to the theatre and be willing to buy tickets and memberships. We can no longer have programs where fewer than twent-five people attend. To fill theatre seats we must improve our marketing and broaden our appeal in the community.

We are in the process of doing this. We are increasingt our availability on-line through our web site and ticketing option; we are improving our film distribution access so we have better and more film options, and we are seeking collaborative partnerships with other arts groups to provide more live programs. Please continue your wonderful support, check out what we have to offer and come and fill the seats whenever you can!

On August 17, the Lincoln Theatre Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Jim Goettler, Executive Director. Mr. Goettler was with the theatre for less than six mohnths. During his tenure, he negotiated a contract with the New York Metropolitan Opera for the Live at the Met series for our 2009 - 10 season. 


Sandy Dixon

August 21, 2009


Lincoln Theatre Center Foundation