Mount Vernon, Washington

Lawrence of Arabia

Saturday, Jun 17, 7:30 pm

Due to his knowledge of the native Bedouin tribes, British Lieutenant T.E. Lawrence (Peter O'Toole) is sent to Arabia to find Prince Faisal (Alec Guinness) and serve as a liaison between the Arabs and the British in their fight against the Turks. With the aid of native Sherif Ali (Omar Sharif), Lawrence rebels against the orders of his superior officer and strikes out on a daring camel journey across the harsh desert to attack a well-guarded Turkish port.


Release date: December 16, 1962 

Director: David Lean

Music composed by: Maurice Jarre

Cinematography: Freddie Young

Academy Award for Best Picture


The epic of all epics, Lawrence of Arabia cements director David Lean's status in the filmmaking pantheon with nearly four hours of grand scope, brilliant performances, and beautiful cinematography. Certified Fresh (97%) on Rotten Tomatoes


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