Mount Vernon, Washington

Presentation and Film: Last Rights: Facing End of Life Choices

Thursday, Oct 28, 7:00 pm
Free event

Last Rights: Facing end of life choices
Hospice of the Northwest invites you to view a compelling documentary film about end-of-life choices. A discussion will follow facilitated by Dr. Paul Johnson.

Last Rights: Facing End-of-Life Choices focuses on end-of-life care and asks what is the most humane way to care for patients in their final days? How does the treatment patients receive affect them and their families? What about those patients who believe it is an individual right to hasten their own death? Should death with dignity (help to die) be legally sanctioned?

This documentary looks at the rare call for hastened death as well as the impact on dying individuals of accessible, appropriate, and compassionate medical care.

How we die is increasingly in the public consciousness. Hospice and palliative care has attained national stature with its patient and family approach to end-of-life care - neither prolonging life nor hastening death. Washington States Death with Dignity act became law in March 2009.   Advances in technology have become more adept at keeping people alive – often extending the dying process as families anguish. Health care reform attempted to address end of life choices and reimbursement for physicians to educate patients.
Join us for a thought provoking film, intended to generate respectful discussion about end of life choices.
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