Mount Vernon, Washington

Skagit Kid's Film Festival

Saturday, Jun 21, 1:00 pm
Two one-hour programs

Lucky viewers will get the chance to watch two collections featuring the best shorts shown earlier this year at the Children's Film Festival Seattle, curated by Elizabeth Shepard of Northwest Film Forum and the option to stay for the Opening/Closing night party featuring Kindie Rock Band Recess Monkey.

The first collection, See the World: Animated Shorts from Around the World, will show at 1:00pm Saturday. The 58-minute grouping will feature eight animated tales, one of which has English subtitles, and is suitable for all ages.

The second collection, Cinema Magic: Live Action Shorts from Around the World, will show at 3:00pm Saturday. The 57-minute grouping will feature five films, two of which have English subtitles, and is best for viewers ages 7 and older due to some depictions of emotional difficulty (with happy endings).

Interactive Workshops at the Lincoln between programs:
During Saturday afternoon our lobby and auditorium will be alive with creation! Kids and parents are invited to take part in a variety of workshops created especially for the Children’s Film Festival, courtesy of Children's Museum of Skagit County and the Mount Vernon Public Library. 

Tickets for the two programs are regular bargain matinee prices:

General: $8.00
Members: $6.00
Children 12 and under: $5.00

Tickets for Recess Monkey are $12.00 for adults and $8.00 for students and children.

Program 1:

SEE THE WORLD: Animated Shorts from Around the World

from Children's Film Festival Seattle 2014

58 minutes

Hop aboard a celluloid magic carpet to celebrate the best in international children's cinema. With films from Europe, Asia and the USA, this program offers everything from dancing pastries to edible rocks to a beautiful fish made out of sand. Filled with whimsical creatures, stunning animation and heartwarming stories about what it means to be a family, these short films will take you to the moon and back.
Twins in Bakery (Mari Miyazawa, Japan, 5 min). Step inside the most adorable shop ever, to see what happens after the baker heads home.
Edible Rocks (Stefan Gruber, USA, 2:49 min). Find out what happens when a boy convinces his little brother that some rocks are tasty.
Winner of CFFS Children's Jury's Northwest Prize.
The Whale Story (Tess Martin, USA, 3:46 min). Sail into the deep, and meet a fisherman as he experiences a deep moment of connection with a humpback whale.
The Goat Herder and His Lots and Lots and Lots of Goats (Will Rose, UK, 7 min). Follow a herder in Spain as he travels up and down mountains with a great big mess of goats!
My Strange Grandfather (Dina Velikovskay, Russia, 8:40). Join the journey of a little girl who learns to appreciate her eccentric, magical grandfather.
Hannah and the Moon (Kate Charter, UK, 6 min) Make friends with the moon, and then find your way back home to the arms of someone who really loves you.
Watch the trailer:
Noodle Fish (Jinman Kim, Korea, 9:46 min). Take a swim with a fish who longs to know what is above the water.
Rabbit and Deer (Péter Vácz, Hungary, 16.5 minutes). Thrill to the adventures of two unlikely companions, who find out what it takes to make their friendship last. Winner of three CFFS prizes: Most Popular Film of the Festival, Seattle Children's Hospital Jury Prize for Best Animated Film, and Festival Children's Jury Prize for Best Animated Short.
Watch the trailer:
For all ages. One film has subtitles (Korean).
Program 2:
CINEMA MAGIC: Live Action Shorts from Around the World
from Children's Film Festival Seattle 2014
57 minutes
In these films, kids face off against the odds by making decisions that are sometimes wise, sometimes brash, sometimes brave but always full of imagination.  See the world and feed your mind with this international collection celebrating the indomitable spirit of the child.
While You Weren't Looking (Jeremy Mackie, USA, 11:28 min). Hop behind a shopping cart to see how fast it can fly.
Winner of the CFFS Seattle Children's Hospital Jury Prize for Best Live Action Film.
Watch the trailer:
I Spy with My LIttle Eye (Alexandra Nebel, Germany 10 min). Make your own adventures with two friends who find themselves house-bound on a beautiful summer day.
AMAR (all great achievements require time) (Andrew Hinton, India 9 min). Meet a boy who keeps moving, from sun up to sundown, to achieve his goals.
Winner of the CFFS Festival Children's Jury 2nd Prize for Best Animated Short.
I'm going to mum's (Lauren Jackson, New Zealand, 13 minutes) Find out how a boy gets his warring mom and dad to finally listen to him.
Winner of the CFFS Children's Jury Prize for Best Live Action Short.
Watch the trailer:
The Raining Tree (Andra Fembriarto, Indonesia, 14 min). Discover how magic can pour down when you least expect it.
Ages 7+. A few films depict scenes of emotional difficulty, with happy endings. Two films with subtitles (Indonesian and German).
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